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At Testlio, we invite testers to workspaces based on a tester's profile, devices, certifications, and listed working preferences on our platform. You can also browse and apply to testing opportunities directly from Testlio's Work Opportunities board.

We have listed essential elements that can enhance your profile and increase your chances of receiving more testing opportunities on the platform:

Profiles are filterable and searchable for both Testlio services professionals and clients to better discover and match great freelancers with the right workspace. You will establish trust and confidence by completing all sections of the Profile.

We also choose workspaces based on the devices that match our clients' requirements for a particular test run. That is why the variety of your devices may play a huge role in getting your next workspace/run invitation. Generally, the most requested devices and operating systems amongst our clients are the newest versions but, of course, it may vary.

An availability schedule is an important indicator as it establishes whether we can send you a run invitation or not. Many test runs take place during the weekends, where we need more testers to be available. We treat availability in your work schedule as your commitment to being able to accept testing tasks invitations sent during that time.


At Testlio, freelancers are required to earn different certifications to become eligible for paid work. You can find all available certifications that you can earn in the Testlio Academy. To qualify for manual testing, you need to pass the Functional Regression Testing Certification.

In addition to certifications, freelancers can also pass different courses to become eligible for corresponding testing types. You can find available courses in the Testlio Academy.

Please note that it's not allowed to reach out to our Engagement Managers, Testing Managers, or Test Leads to request more workspace invites. This is not how workspaces are allocated and you may get reported for this.

Work allocation is strictly based on testers' location, devices, availability schedule, performance, and passed certifications/courses on our platform. We will invite you to a workspace as soon as you have matched these requirements.


After receiving an invitation to a workspace, the testing team may also assess your performance in the workspace runs. Depending on their evaluation, you may be invited to participate in future runs or, if you're not a suitable fit, you may be removed from the workspace.

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