To become eligible for Functional Regression Testing opportunities in paid workspaces on the Testlio platform, candidates need to pass the Functional Regression Testing Certification (FRTC) test.

The FRTC test involves participating in a test Run where candidates need to find issues in a school management app called Simika. This process is designed to evaluate the testing capabilities of the candidates and also to provide them with an opportunity to go through the same experience they would go in real client workspaces and set expectations accordingly.

With this certification, we want to make sure that the candidates:

  • are familiar with the Testlio platform

  • follow the instructions of the workspace & scope of the Run

  • know how to report issues

  • know how to perform an issue reproduction

Please go through the following steps to complete the signup process and prepare for the test:

  1. Sign up for the certification via the calendar widget

  2. Bookmark this article and refer to it for FAQs.

Important Information

Workspace Invitations: Not all workspaces require the Functional Regression Testing Certification. If you receive an invitation to a workspace that does not require this certification, you are free to accept it and will be compensated for your work.

Rejecting a test invitation: If you need to reject the FRTC test run invitation, you need to wait around 3-4 days to be able to sign up again. You will be notified via email once we have processed the invite rejection and you can then choose a new time slot for the test.

Executing a Run: The build download task needs to be completed on your smartphone and the rest of the test run can only be executed on a computer as the Testlio Platform is not compatible with mobile browsers.

Working Preferences: You cannot be invited to a Run if you have not marked your availability for the selected test time slot on the platform. You can click & drag on the calendar under working preferences here to set your availability (can only be done on computers).

Compatible Devices: The Simika app is compatible with Android 8.0+ & iOS 13.0 and above. Please note that you cannot be invited to a Run if a compatible device is not listed under your profile. You can add devices to your profile here.

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