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Set Your Availability

A guide on how to set your working schedule

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Freelancers can work on the Testlio platform according to their own schedules.

Your set availability and general freelancer workload limits are taken into account when sending out task invites.

Example: Run was postponed from Friday to Saturday, but you have set yourself as unavailable for Saturday. Postpone run action will trigger a new set of invitations, and you will not be selected for the postponed run.

Example: You will not be assigned new tasks due to exceeding your workload limit. This also applies if you volunteer in RocketChat for the Coordinator's(Test Lead’s) request for help with a task.

Example: Your previously accepted 1 hour task has been updated to 2 hours. The platform will send a new invitation based on your availability and workload, and if you do not have availability or workload limit is filled, your initial 1-hour task will be canceled. Respectively, if you have availability and workload limit is not filled, you will receive a new invitation that you can accept or decline.

Adding a time slot

Your default status is "Unavailable" for all days. If you'd like to participate in test runs, you can adjust your availability by adding time slots for each day. The displayed time is in your local timezone, and you can add a slot by clicking the “+” button. Similarly, you can remove a slot by clicking the “-” button.

Once a slot has been added, your availability in "hours per week" is shown in the “Availability” section.

If you wish to mark your availability for the whole day, you can add a slot as shown in the following screenshot:

Adding multiple slots

You can add multiple slots for each day to customize your schedule and add as many slots as needed each day.

When adding multiple slots, make sure that two slots do not overlap; otherwise, they will be highlighted in red, and you won't be able to save the information.

Setting up your vacation mode

If you are going on vacation and won't be available for work, please set up your vacation schedule so that task invites are paused during this time.

You can add multiple vacation slots where each slot represents a date range for different vacations.


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