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At Testlio, we believe that delivering exceptional service requires expertise, context, and focus.

To foster a work environment that helps our freelancers maintain these qualities, as of June 1, 2023, Testlio has set the following limits for all network roles (tester, test lead, quality engineer):

  • Daily: 12 hours per day.

  • Weekly: 60 hours per week.

  • Monthly: 200 hours per month.

This approach:

  • allows our freelancers to maintain focus and attention to detail, resulting in fewer escaped issues and happier clients.

  • promotes a healthier workload for our freelancers, reducing the risk of burnout and stress.

  • helps us distribute more work across our network of freelancers, ensuring that more people have the opportunity to contribute work and earn money.

Going Forward

To ensure that we better understand each freelancer's availability and preferences, we are working on new profile, availability, and invitation management systems. Once we have these, we plan to have refined workload maximums. For example, freelancers who work full-time for other companies will have significantly lower daily, weekly, and monthly thresholds.


Does the platform have an automatic system in place for tracking limits?

Yes, Testlio platform tracks daily, weekly and monthly limits automatically.

What happens if I go over the daily, weekly or monthly limit?

If you reach the daily/weekly/monthly limit, you will not be automatically invited to new tasks. However, there can be exceptions if you are invited to key tasks.

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