Freelancing at Testlio

An overview of how freelancers operate within Testlio

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Freelancing is a type of self-employment where the freelancers are not committed to a particular employer. Freelancers can work at their own convenience and are paid on a per-task basis.

As a freelancer working for Testlio, you can set your own availability hours. Our team considers this information when sending out work invitations to freelancers.

At Testlio, we pay the freelancers on a weekly basis. Once a freelancer has completed their task and submitted the result, it goes through a review process followed by a task approval and then the payment is transferred on the upcoming Thursday.

If the task is not approved by Thursday, the payment is then transferred the next week on the same day.

Freelancers must follow the onboarding guideline prior to accepting the task to ensure the first and future payments go smoothly.

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