Becoming a Freelancer

A step-by-step guide on becoming a freelancer at Testlio

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Freelancers can join the Testlio Network as a:

  1. Tester

  2. Test Lead

  3. Quality Engineer

If you're interested in joining our network, you can find more information about the requirements for each role and apply directly on our webpage. To create an account on the Testlio platform:

  1. Signup via this link, enter your email address, set up your password, and add your first and last name

  2. Read and (if you wish to continue) accept our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Freelancer Services Agreement

  3. Check your mailbox and click on the email verification link

  4. You will be directed to the Testlio Platform where you need to verify your phone number

  5. After successful phone verification, our quickstart guide will help you with the rest of the onboarding steps which include:

    1. Filling out your profile details, adding your schedule and payment details.

    2. Selecting a career path: Tester, Test Lead, or Quality Engineer

  6. After completing the required steps of a specific career path, you will be asked to verify your ID

If you have any questions, feel free to explore our Help Center or reach out to us at


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