At Testlio, we assign projects based on testers location, devices, listed working preferences, and previous performance on our platform.

Location: Very often clients have specific location requirements for the testers team. This can be due to the application being used in particular locations, or due to a feature set, which is only available in some countries. Because of those requirements, please always make sure that your profile location setting is accurate. When traveling to another country and still working during the travel, please also consider changing the location in your profile preferences.

Listed devices: We are also assigning projects based on the devices that match our clients' requirements for a particular test run. That is why the variety of your devices may play a huge role in getting your next project/run invitation. Generally, the most requested devices and operating systems amongst our clients are the newest versions but, of course, it may vary.

Working preferences: An availability schedule is also an important indicator, whether we can send you a project invitation or not. Many of the test runs take place during the weekends, where we need more testers to be available.
We treat availability in your work schedule as your commitment to being able to accept testing tasks invitations sent during that time. 

Previous performance: Your previous performance is calculated based on three main aspects:

  • Diligence percentage - The percentage of all issues that you submit that have been approved 

  • Expert Productivity Ratio - Ratio of the high & medium severity issues you submit per assigned testing hour

  • Issue Report Quality - How well you format your issue reports

You can read more about how we evaluate your performance here.

Profile description: To get a better overview of a testers’ previous experience, Engagement Managers also check testers’ profile description when searching for a good fit for the project. We recommend adding a valid skill set description, for instance, P2P video quality experience or basic database knowledge to your profile. 

An active tester on the Testlio platform:

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