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How Testlio Uses Data About Freelancers
How Testlio Uses Data About Freelancers
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Testlio uses data provided by testers to match them with suitable projects. We only collect information that is relevant to our services and is reasonably necessary to be eligible to participate in our projects.

Below you can see what information is mandatory to provide and what is optional. We also explain how we use this data.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, feel free to  reach out to us via

Mandatory Profile Information

User Name / Full Name
This information is used to identify you, send general communications and personalized invitations. It might also be used for verification purposes if a client requires that for a project. 

Where you live / Location
Determines eligibility for location-specific testing tasks. Certain apps require testers to be located in specific countries. 

Your timezone
To optimize our service, like when to send out our emails to you. 

There are testing tasks that require specific language skills. With this information, we are able to determine your eligibility for those projects. 

Each testing run has requirements and one of them is always the device info. As a service provider, we need to know which devices our testers are able to test on. 

Used for account set up and communication. Communication might include newsletters, project invites, and reminders. You can manage your preferences or unsubscribe from specific email types here

Optional Profile information

Phone number
We will use your phone number to send you important notifications that need your immediate attention.

Preferred workload / Availability
Used in calculations that determine your ability to participate in a run. We want to include you in projects you can actually participate in, based on a predefined time frame you, as a tester, filled in previously. 

We might use this data for gender-specific projects as well as for internal analysis. We’ll never share this information with other users.

Date of Birth
We use this data for analysis and never share it with other users.

Payment information
In order to make payouts, we need  information about the testers payment processing platform account (eg PayPal, Payoneer or other). The tester can choose which account to link with our platform. 

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