Gmail Account Requirement

Why we require a Gmail Account

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To grant testers safe access for additional materials during the testing process, we have implemented an automated solution with Gmail Accounts. It allows us to easily share Google Docs and Google Sheets documents when they are needed during testing. Access will be automatically given to all testers who have accepted the run invite after the run is scheduled.

You can add your Gmail account under your profile on the Testlio Platform.

Additional questions you may have:

Do I need to use my personal Gmail account?

No, you can simply create a separate Gmail for that. Although, you need to have access to the one you have listed when you are testing.

Do I need to list the same email address for my Testlio account and Gmail field?

If you have already created your Testlio account with Gmail, we will automatically use this one. If you want to change it to a different one then, please, reach out to the Network Team via

What should I do if Gmail is not supported in my region?

If you are unable to create a Gmail account, please reach out to the Delivery Operations team via

How to create a Gmail account

You can read instructions on how to create a Gmail account here.

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