There are many different situations where you might need help or support from Testlio members. Here we’d like to list a few options where you can get help

Issues with your on-going project

Before you start contacting anyone, make sure you have read all available information about Project description, test run description and your test plan – sometimes information is available there and there will be no need for support. In case there is a need for some support best contacts, in this case, are your:

A) Your Testing Managers (can help you with questions regarding runs etc.)

B) Engagement Manager (You probably also know who on Testlio’s team manages the project, so in some cases when TM cannot help you can use  Project chat and DM them)

Issues with platform

If you happen to be using the platform and experience some issues the best way to communicate it is:

  • Inform the Testing Manager or Engagement Manager 

  • Send E-mail too

  • Intercom – not the best option, but is also monitored and gets attention when platform experiences downtime

Questions about your performance 

Sometimes you’d like to know some trends of your performance or more specific feedback. On the platform, you have a place where you can see your feedback – on typical occasions it is used by Testing Managers.

If you’d like to more personal information, you can always direct message Testing Managers you work together with.

If you’d like to get some statistics about your performance, please contact our Network Team via 

Questions about your pay & development opportunities 

These are quite personal cases and are discussed with each tester privately. If you feel like you’d like to discuss your pay and/or development opportunities, please reach out to our Network Team via

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