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Whom to ask for help if you have specific questions?

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There are many different situations where you might need help or support from Testlio members. Here, we’d like to list a few options where you can get help.

Issues with your on-going workspace

Before you start contacting anyone, make sure you have read all available information about workspace description, test run description and your test plan – sometimes information is available there and there will be no need for support. In case there is a need for some support the best contacts, in this case, are your:

A) Coordinator/Test Lead

B) Testing Managers

C) Engagement Manager

Issues with the platform

If you use Testlio platform and experience some issues, here's the order in which you should contact someone for help:

  • Get in touch with your Test Lead first - the best and fastest way to get a response, especially when the matter is urgent

  • If you have been added to Rocket.Chat, ask for help there

  • Inform the Testing Manager or Engagement Manager 

  • Contact the Delivery Operations team via email at or the chat function on the platform (bottom right corner) - this is not ideal, as it may take the team longer to reply to your specific issue.

This order is important because it allows you to fix the issue in a timely manner.


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