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Avoid Getting Reported ๐Ÿ“œ
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This article presents a requirement for our freelancers. Failure to follow the process might represent a breach of the Freelancer Services Agreement.

1. Showing up to the run

We have zero tolerance for no-shows on the Testlio platform. Once you have confirmed your participation with a 'Yes' we expect you to follow through. When unexpected events have occurred, such as personal or health-related issues, we expect you to inform the workspace team as soon as possible. Even after the run has ended and the deadline passed. This way we can avoid affecting the workspace and the client.

2. Following test cases and avoiding escaped issues

We expect you to test thoughtfully. This means testing each step one by one and marking them one by one. Otherwise, there is a high risk of missing issues. Our clients lose trust in Testlio when escaped issues occur. Missing issues can also lead to off-boarding.

3. Testing the entire allocated time

Testlio is all about the quality. This means that you can only be thorough if you test the entire allocated time. If you happen to finish earlier, we expect you to contact the Coordinator and inform them about this, so they can advise you on what to do next.

4. Testing and marking one step at a time

Testing and marking one step at a time is important for good quality testing and for providing insights about the time needed and spent.

5. Using the correct build, environment and configuration

Testing on a wrong build/environment or using the wrong configuration (accounts or a different device than the allocated one) means providing false results to our clients, thus affecting the client. Itโ€™s important to pay attention to using the correct build and environment.

6. Following the workspace instructions

The workspace instructions contain important information such as out-of-scope areas, issue reporting process, and accounts being used. These need to be properly read and followed in order to provide needed results for the client and the Testlio team.

7. Marking the steps as UTT after confirming with the Test Lead

Whenever there are steps that are blocking you from testing, please confirm first with the Test Lead. Test Lead can advise if there are workarounds for the blocker you are having or if there has been a misunderstandment with the Test Case.

Freelancer Services Agreement is an agreement with you and Testlio. This clearly states that parallel testing and subcontracting work is forbidden. Additionally you must respect client confidentiality and have appropriate conduct with the client, the workspace team and other freelancers.

9. Respecting Testlio Values

Testlio values are the core of our collaboration. Please remember to be kind to others and give a damn about the quality. Seek to transform Testlio and our industry โ€“ you are making an impact. While challenging yourself, donโ€™t forget to appreciate individual differences by fostering inclusion.


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