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Where to download Rocket.Chat apps?

  1. You can download the desktop app here

  2. You can download the iOS app here

  3. You can download the Android app here

Rocket.Chat offers us a more scalable solution than Slack. This allows us to grow our expert network without compromising chat history. On Rocket.Chat all conversation history is saved. Rocket.Chat is equipped with functions that down the line help us centralize communication to one single location - Rocket.Chat.

Important to note:

  • You can't change your name on Rocket.Chat. This makes it easier for Testlio internal team to find you on the Testlio platform and vice-versa.

  • Please also add a profile picture to your Rocket.Chat account so you would be distinguished from users that might have a similar name.

Good practice for Rocket.Chat communication:

  • Always respond in thread to avoid making unnecessary noise to others

  • Be mindful when using @name mentioning outside the normal working hours

  • If a topic is closed or solved, mark your message with a check mark emoji (✅) to indicate the discussion is over

Notes about push notifications:

Rocket.Chat only sends push notifications to mobile devices if your desktop and/or web app is closed. It always prefers sending the notification to a PC. If you want to receive push notifications when you are not active, I recommend closing the apps.

For Mobile devices - Please make sure you have enabled push notifications from the mobile settings.

For Web App - Please make sure you have enabled push notifications from your web browser. We recommend Chrome.

A more detailed guide about Rocket.Chat and notification settings is available here.

You can reach out to Delivery Operations team directly:

Doris (Network Experience Manager) on Rocket.Chat: Doris Sooläte 🦁

Nabeel (Freelancer Enablement Specialist) on Rocket.Chat: Nabeel Rahim 🦁

Nelery (Freelancer Sourcing Manager) on Rocket.Chat: Nelery Rästas 🦁

Stefania (Freelancer Talent Sourcing Specialist) on Rocket.Chat: Stefania Sava 🦁

Tauri (Test Lead Team Manager) on Rocket.Chat: Tauri Hindre 🦁

Delivery Operations general email:

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