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Guidelines for Rocket.Chat Channels
Guidelines for Rocket.Chat Channels
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At Testlio, we use Rocket.Chat as a centralized communication platform to connect with our expert testers network, create, share and manage knowledge. The chat history, messages, videos or photos sent therein are automatically saved and accessible anytime. 

In order to streamline and organize the information flow, we have created different channels per dedicated topic. Please take this into consideration whenever you need to write a public message, otherwise, important messages may get lost.

NB! You're not allowed to mention customer names and apps in Rocket.Chat public channels. Everything related to the workspace you're working in should be within the workspace channel or between its participants. When there's a need for investigating a specific case with a Testlio internal employee via direct messages, it's allowed to refer customer names.

Here are the main channels on Rocket.Chat with a description of their usage:

#general - This channel is for the Testlio team to announce important messages to all testers.

#feedback-and-questions - This channel is for testers to give feedback to the Testlio team about the Testlio platform. Use this channel if you have any issues with the Testlio platform or if you want to share any suggestions to improve the platform.

#workspace-recruiting - This channel is for Engagement Managers and Testing Managers to recruit testers for a particular workspace. If an Engagement Manager or a Testing Manager raises an offer or a question, please respond in the corresponding message thread.

#device-marketplace - This channel is for testers to list old devices up for sale. See the ground rules for this channel here.

#rocketchat-questions - This channel is for testers to give feedback to the Testlio team about the issues that may occur with the Rocket.Chat platform. You can also ask questions regarding Rocket.Chat best usages.

#tips-and-tricks - This channel is for testers and the Testlio team to share best testing practices with fellow testers.

#educational - This channel is for testers and the Testlio team to share interesting articles, news, videos, podcasts and other materials that are relevant to testing and technology.

#recognition - This channel is where we where we feature recognitions of our fellow network members, you can recognize your fellow network members for the amazing work they have done via recognition page.

#random - This channel is for testers to discuss random topics with fellow testers. :)

Once you’ve logged into your Rocket.Chat account, you can search for your country specific team and join it. Additionally, we’ve created capability specific teams for you to join. You can join by clicking the blue "Join" button located in the right lower corner.

Capability specific teams are following:

This way we can easily find testers for specific testing opportunities.


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