Testlio Network Pledge

This is our charter. Our deepest beliefs and highest aspirations. We hold ourselves to these tenets as we partner with our testing network

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  1. Testlio was started by Kristel Kruustük based on her experiences as a professional tester. She is the soul of our company. Like her, we at Testlio are uniquely passionate, and give a damn about testing.

  2. At Testlio, we owe our success to our exceptional network of global testing experts. We recognize and appreciate the commitment and dedication of our freelancers. Without them, our platform simply wouldn't exist.

  3. We set a high standard for our freelancers. We carefully select the top applicants to join our global network and work alongside our clients. With continuous performance metrics and milestones, our freelancers are empowered to evolve their skill sets and consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients.

  4. We began Testlio with a core philosophy: our primary approach is to pay by the hour (not by the bug). This produces the best freelancer experience and the best results for our clients. More than 10 years later, we continue to stand by this commitment.

  5. From day one, our mission at Testlio has been to offer freelancers hourly rates that exceed market standards. We believe that fair compensation is essential to building a strong, sustainable testing community.

  6. We pay approximately 50% of our service-related expenses to our freelancers. Annually, we make millions of dollars in payments to testing professionals around the world.

  7. Many of our network members are working full-time or part-time with other companies, and we recognize the importance of flexibility in their work. To match the availability and preferences of each freelancer, we offer a variety of work options from consulting to full-time.

  8. With a robustness of clients, technologies, experts, and solutions, Testlio provides a powerful environment for freelancers to hone their skills. Become better. Approach mastery levels. Investing in a journey with Testlio can make you a better testing professional.

  9. Our clients are some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing app providers. They rely on us to equip freelancers in dozens of countries, operating in scores of languages, working on an abundance of devices, in precise locations.

  10. We believe that exceptional app testing requires expertise, context, and focus. Short (up to 2 hours) testing windows deliver great results.

  11. We strive for workspace team consistency for our clients. We also actively seek to bring fresh eyes and perspectives into work. This often leads us to ~ 80/20 structures over time (80% consistent teams, 20% new members).

  12. Our values shape how we work with each other. The Testlio Network is a diverse place where respect, recognition, thoughtfulness and collaboration must occur.

  13. More than 1,5 billion people use the apps that we test. We are honored to have such responsibility. Accordingly, we expect our freelancers to recognize the impact and dignity that our work entails. Real people rely on our work for important, app-driven moments of their lives.

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