Testlio Network Values

Our values help us support each other with one unified team mindset.

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Give a damn

Testlio was started by a tester. We are authentically and uniquely passionate about QA. We value testers who love testing. It’s all about passion and going beyond what is obvious.

Challenge things

Challenge yourself and others. Challenge systems, beliefs, and ways of working that have become outdated. Receive challenges willingly. Be ready to fail, so that we can learn and grow together.

Team is everything

We love testers who share and help others. Practice generosity. Be transparent. Communicate. It helps us all grow as a whole.

Be kind

The Testlio network is a place where respect, kindness, and appreciation forms the essence of who we are. Be mindful. Listen. Build deeper connections with your fellow TestLions.

Make an impact

Our clients represent the world’s largest consumer app providers. Your testing efforts are directly tied to their success. Seek to transform Testlio and our industry.

Foster inclusion

Our network spans 150+ countries around the world. Embrace people of broad identities. Appreciate individual differences.

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