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A few helpful pointers from our Services Team

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Working with Testlio comes with its own time management challenges. The Test Runs can be unexpected, turnaround time is often short and there can be surprising blockers when executing the task lists.

How to thrive amidst those conditions, keep cool and have fun while doing It?

We asked for advice from your fellow network members and added some from our side as well. Some of those tips are specific to Testlio, some more general. Take what you find useful and try to apply it!

  1. Try to make peace with a certain level of unpredictability when it comes to a Test Run cadence and variety in the number of invites you receive weekly.

  2. Check your ability to install the app and to log in early in the Run timeframe to let the Test lead know of any possible blockers as soon as possible. You are then more likely to get a solution on time.

  3. Keep your work schedule at the Testlio platform up to date.

  4. If you’re in doubt about whether you can fit a new Test Run invitation into your schedule, lean on the side of caution and reject the invitation. You will likely keep your average level of quality higher and stress less.

  5. Evaluate how much time executing your task takes and if it’s significantly more than allocated, please let your Test lead know. Giving time estimations is not an exact science and we can try to be more precise by gathering a multitude of data points

  6. Take full days to rest, relax and get your mind away from software.

  7. Be mindful of yourself and try to recognize the moments where your focus starts dropping due to too high of a workload or not getting enough breaks. Make notes if necessary to build an understanding of where your limits stand.

  8. Keep a calendar to maintain and understand your schedule, either digitally or on paper.

  9. If at all possible, don’t sacrifice sleeping hours for work. Adult humans should get at least seven hours of sleep per night and any less will make your awake time less productive. Take care of yourself!

Even after following all of these tips, if you need more time than allocated to complete your test run, we encourage you to please inform your Testing Manager. If the Testing Manager approves it, you are good to go. This is not something you should be worried about asking us - we are here to meet you halfway. Testlio is built on trust!

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