In some very unfortunate cases, Testlio needs to off-board their freelancers. Off-boarding means fully suspending a freelancer from the network:

  1. removing them from testing workspaces;

  2. revoking platform access;

  3. closing the Rocket.Chat account (if a freelancer is part of our internal network).

There are different reasons why a freelancer might be off-boarded but the main reasons are decreases in the testing quality or violations of the Freelancer Services Agreement.

Please note that every problematic case is handled separately and with utmost care. If possible we consider other measures beforehand and only suspend someone if the previous actions or agreements haven’t provided any improvement. Suspending someone from the network is the very last resort that we would, of course, like to avoid but in case of a strong violation, the suspension will be immediate and non-negotiable.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team via

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