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Everything you need to know about verifying your identity with Testlio

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Testlio requires verification of all Freelancers to uphold the terms of the Freelancer Services Agreement. Some of the reasons why Testlio requires this are:

  • To pay you

  • To determine ownership of duplicate or linked accounts

  • To assist you in resuming your account

  • To determine ownership of accounts showing suspicious or high-risk activity

  • Any other reason that Testlio deems appropriate, mainly to maintain the integrity of the network

  • Client requirements

What does Testlio verify?

Testlio may need to verify 1) your identity; and 2) your residency or proof of address.

Identity Verification

When your account needs verification, Testlio’s team will reach out to you via email and send you the link for verification.

  • Scan the QR code

  • Send link via SMS

Testlio uses a third party provider, Veriff, to verify our Freelance Network member IDs/Freelancers IDs.

What documents are needed?

  • Your current, valid government-issued photo ID (national ID, passport, driver’s license)

  • W-9 form (for United States only)

  • Proof of address

W-9 forms (for United States only)

We use PandaDoc to securely collect and store the W-9 forms. The PandaDoc link to fill out your W-9 form is included in the email requesting your ID verification. To access the form, use the same email address linked to your Testlio account.

Details that are needed in the form:

  • Name

  • Check "Individual"

  • Address (City, state, and ZIP code)

  • Part I: Social Security Number

  • Part II: Signature & Date.

Please note that you will receive two email notifications from the PandaDoc system: one after entering your contact details, and the other after submitting the form.

Proof of residency

In some cases, Testlio may need to ask for proof of address. You can provide us with any of the following:

  • A utility bill (such as a gas, electricity, water, gas, or phone bill)

  • A bank or credit card statement

  • A valid government-issued photo ID

Please make sure the document you provide is clear, readable and in color and is not expired.

If you have any issues, reach out via


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