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Freelancer Off-Boarding

In some very unfortunate cases Testlio needs to off-board their freelancers.

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In some very unfortunate cases, Testlio needs to off-board its freelancers. Off-boarding means:

  1. Removing a freelancer from workspaces;

  2. Revoking platform access;

  3. Deleting their Rocket.Chat account

There are different reasons why a freelancer might be off-boarded but the main reasons are decreases in the testing quality, incident reports or violations of the Freelancer Services Agreement.

It's essential to understand that each case is approached individually and with the highest level of attention. While we would like to avoid off-boarding individuals from the network, we consider it as the final option. We believe in giving individuals multiple opportunities to improve before considering off-boarding. However, if there is a severe breach, we will immediately off-board the individual, and there will be no room for negotiation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team via

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