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Verifying Your Uber Driver Account
Verifying Your Uber Driver Account
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To get eligible for Uber driver app testing, you need to:

  1. Verify your ID with Veriff (link provided in the email):

    1. Scan the QR code or Send link via SMS

    2. Follow the steps and verify your current, valid government-issued photo ID (national ID, passport, drive)

  2. Send proof of your Uber Driver account:

    1. Send us your Uber driver email address to

    2. Send us a screenshot of your Uber Driver Data view to
      Similar to this image:

3. Send us the W-9 form (for United States only)* to

*W-9 form (for United States only)

  1. Fill in the following form:

  2. Details needed: Name, Check "Individual", Address (City, state, and ZIP code),
    Part I: Social security number, Part II: Signature & Date

  3. Depending on your possibilities you can either fill in and sign the form electronically or send a scan/picture of the form that has been filled in by hand to

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