At Testlio, we live by our six fundamental values that serve as a clear reminder for why we exist and reflect what is most important to us. When fulfilling the Test Lead (TL) role, you need to put each of these values into action and lead by example.

Take a look at our company’s purpose and values page to remind yourself every now and then what Testlio is all about. 

Keeping the above-mentioned values in mind, we have also listed 8 specific qualities that we look in a potential TL candidate:

Understands the Business Value Behind the Product Under Test

Make sure you understand what the app is all about. Identify who are the target end-users and what purpose the application fulfils as a whole. As a TL, you can offer the highest contribution to a workspace by clearly understanding the clients’ most important needs and values. Stay curious while testing. Always.

Good Communicator

Good communication is an essential element in achieving productivity and maintaining good relationships within our network. As a TL, always deliver clear lines of communication by building trust among team members. Avoid reacting and respond instead.

Strong Team Player

A strong team player cares about the performance of the entire team and is proactive in collaborating with others. As a TL, you need to respond to requests for assistance and take the initiative to offer help. Being reliable and adapting to ever-changing situations is what makes a good TL.

Attentive to Details

"The devil is in the detail" – meaning something that may seem simple at first, can actually turn out to be more complicated than expected. So be mindful and pay attention to every detail as, 9 times out of 10, rushing will get you nowhere. Take your time and concentrate while going through the end reports and issues. Deliver quality. Double-check, and then check again. Always.

Meets Deadlines and Smartly Manages Time

Test runs can be unexpected, turnaround time is often short and there can be surprising blockers when leading a test run. Be preventive. Keep yourself focused on one thing at a time and ensure that the most critical things get accomplished first. As a TL, you are committed to completing a task at hand and meeting deadlines. Planning is the key.

Owns the Workspace He or She Is Leading

To be an effective TL, you should be confident about your role as a leader and provide a sense of direction to other testers. Set a good example and inspire other testers with your skills. Staying calm under pressure and still managing to keep motivation levels up are qualities that make up a good TL.

Clear and Clean English

Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling is an important part of a TL role. Our customers appreciate concise, pertinent and clear reports. The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended is an important part of communication with other testers as well.

Is Always Going Above and Beyond To Make the Workspace Successful

We expect a TL to genuinely want to see the test run and team succeed. Take action and always be willing to learn and keep yourself up-to-date with the platform. Go the extra mile for the team.

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