Livestream Testing
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Livestream testing is the process of testing live broadcasts, such as sporting events, TV premieres and more. It will help diagnose and provide rapid response reports on stream health issues and drops in user impressions. Localization testing is also combined into Livestream testing to identify unique issues impacting affiliate markets.

Here are three main focus areas that should be checked and kept in mind.  Always check your project-specific requirements on what type of issues are expected and what is out of scope, not all the categories listed here will apply for all projects.

1. Preparedness

What to keep in mind?

  • Since the live broadcasts start and end time can vary, the tester should be ready to allocate time accordingly.

  • Testers will need to be online during the duration of the stream.  An issue can spring up instantaneously and will need to be reported quickly. 

  • Special tools may be needed for the stream such as Charles proxy.  

  • Purchases may need to be made prior to or during the event. 

2. Different Issue-Reporting Method Than Usual

What to keep in mind?

  • Issue reporting should be written directly into the live chat as time escalation is key to a successful stream test. 

  • Testers may need to report issues quickly in the Testlio platform or have logs of the issue ready to be delivered to the Engagement Manager or the Test lead for submission to the client. 

3. Broadcast Quality

What to check?

  • Does the video stream remain stable throughout the test, including quality and sound?

  • How many commercials were there?

  • Did everything go smoothly before, during and after the commercials?


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