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We at Testlio pay our testers by the hour (not by the bug). This produces the best tester experience and the best results for our clients. All approved task payments are made weekly via Payoneer or PayPal. You can see your future transaction and payouts per month/workspace in the 'Your payouts view' on the platform.

Please note that if you see an amount of $0 for your approved tasks, this does not mean that you will not be paid! The amount will be adjusted at the latest by Thursday evening (timezone: CET) with the correct sum.

Note for PayPal users: If you haven't been a PayPal user before, or haven't used your PayPal for a while, please make sure that your PayPal account is set properly to receive payments based on your country's requirements.

Note for Payoneer users: First time Payoneer payments need an extra step from the Testlio side. If you finished testing and are expecting your first payment to your Payoneer account, please let us know via This also applies to when you change your payment method from PayPal to Payoneer.
Payoneer minimum transaction limit is $7.

Reasons for not receiving your payments

Account Verification

You have pending payments but you haven't received the payments yet? It's because you haven't gone through the Veriff ID verification and your Testlio account isn't verified. Please check your mailbox because we're automatically sending out emails where we ask you to verify your account. You might have missed it. Once your Testlio account is verified, you'll receive the old payouts.

Unapproved Tasks

We transfer payments for the tasks that have been approved by the testing teams. If your task has not been approved yet, it will be paid for once it is approved. Unapproved tasks can be identified by the yellow exclamation mark, as shown in the picture below:

Payoneer and PayPal fees

Keep in mind that when you are transferring money from PayPal or Payoneer to your bank account, fees may apply.

Read more about PayPal fees and Payoneer fees.

Note: Testlio takes care of all the transfer fees itself from our PayPal/ Payoneer account to your PayPal/ Payoneer account.

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