First, be sure you have entered the correct phone number. Sometimes the numbers can act a bit crazy and melt into different numbers on our screen. 

Second, we have experienced situations where some Indian phone operators block the incoming text messages. This means that the verification is sent out from our side, but you will not receive it. Contacting your phone operator may help in this situation.

Moreover, the Testlio system might have an error, and the text message may not have been sent out successfully.

Please feel free to contact our support ( if you have unsuccessfully tried to verify yourself for more than three times during one week. We can help you figure out what has gone wrong and what can be done to fix this.

The good news is that you are still part of Testlio as any other tester, not being able to verify your phone number does not change that. The only downside is that you will not receive any text messages for various notifications. They are usually sent out before the start of a run, but don’t worry - we are also sending out emails in parallel to that so you will not miss any information.

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