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In order to start, please register yourself as a tester on the Testlio platform. To get access to our open community where you can see the dashboard and all the learning materials, you have to set up your basic profile information, such as contact information, country, and the list of devices you have.

After registering, you will get an email from Testlio Co-Founder Kristel with an overview of the mandatory steps you need to take to get closer to becoming an eligible tester for paid projects. You can track your progress via your dashboard.

Here are the steps to complete:

  1. Profile set up - add your basic profile information and the list of devices you have.
  2. Competency Assessment Test (CAT) - the CAT test is used to validate your issue reporting skills, ability to download pre-public release builds and includes a quick Testlio platform course. 
  3. Working  Schedule - we take into account your working preferences to eliminate unsuitable run invites.
  4. Payment details - please make sure to link your Payoneer or Paypal account. This way we can send you weekly payments after testing runs.

At Testlio, we have different capability options for testers based on skills and performance. After completing all the above-mentioned mandatory steps, you will unlock capability flows that will be accessible under the “Your testing capabilities” section on your dashboard.

These tests are made specifically for different testing types and you can take as many as you want. You need to pass at least one capability test in order to be eligible for project and run invites. You can increase your likelihood of steady work stream and more growth opportunities by acing all of them.

Capabilities are as follows:

1. Functional Testing - Take this test if you want to participate in functional testing projects. The majority of the projects in Testlio are for functional testers. Read more about functional testing here.

2. Livestream Testing (currently not listed on the platform) -Take this test if you want to participate in projects that require Charles Network logs. These projects include testing live streams for sports events. Read more about livestream testing here.

3.  Localization Testing (coming soon) - Localization testing requires a good cultural knowledge and language grasp. Read more about localization testing here.

4. Analytics Testing (coming soon) 

5. UI Testing (coming soon) 


Through all the tests, we also provide materials that will help you succeed. Take your time, concentrate, pay attention to details, and you will nail them!

You will be contacted via email if a suitable project comes up covering your specific requirements.

If you have any questions while taking this journey on becoming a tester, contact us at

We are excited and hope you are as well!

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