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At Testlio, we strive to give everyone the best QA experience possible. Although at times, Test Runs can have outdated/misleading information, the assigned time was too short or the Run communication was off. This is where we’d like our freelancers to give us feedback after each Run so that we can improve future Run experiences.

Run Feedback

Each workspace on the Testlio platform has the possibility to make Run feedback mandatory. Even if the Run feedback isn’t mandatory, we strongly encourage our freelancers to take these two minutes and rate the overall Run experience and give additional feedback from the listed options. This is crucial for upcoming Runs as the feedback left by the freelancers is always reviewed and resolved before the next Run - our Testing Managers have the obligation to review the feedback and make improvements.

Please note that the feedback we ask on this view is not about the app under testing but overall Run experience.

Test Feedback

Freelancers can also add feedback about each step on the main execution view to help enhance the test. It can be done regardless of what option (Pass, Fail, and Unable to Test) has been chosen to this particular step.

Give feedback about the test step if:

  • The step seems outdated - based on the knowledge received from some other valid source (e.g. feedback from the Test Lead) the feature seems to work fine, however, the step states otherwise.

  • The step is hard to understand - add suggestions of what could be added in order to explain it better.

  • The order of the test steps could be improved - also suggest what could be changed.

  • Test step seems redundant as the same flow was already covered by some other test in the test plan.

Please do not:

  • Leave the feedback or comments about the Run itself or about user experience of the app here. This feedback is purely meant for improving the tests.

  • Leave the feedback if there could be an issue in the application and you are in doubt - rather - please report a new issue.

Similarly to the Run feedback, our Testing Managers will ensure that relevant feedback will be implemented before the next Run. Nevertheless, there are scenarios where tests are managed by our customers and thus improvements might take more time.

Feedback is fuel.

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