Do I need to be an expert in finances in order to do payments testing?

- No, you don’t. Handling your daily financial life (e.g., having a bank account, doing online payments, etc) already indicates you understand common payment flows. If we need a specific financial background, it will be specified and communicated accordingly before testing.

Similarly, if your credit score is important to meet testing requirements, we will check separately.

Do I need to share my private information?

- Please note that no one should require access to your financial accounts. In case someone ever asks you for such access, please always flag it to the Testlio team - the Engagement Manager, Testing Manager, or use Testlio’s Whistleblower Guidelines.

It’s rather rare that you’ll need to share your private information. In some cases, we do need to ask for your bank account details. Please note, private information will not be shared with 3rd parties and will be only used for product analysis purposes.

How to get reimbursed for processed payments?

- All funds that you will be processing during testing will be reimbursed. This also includes transaction fees, conversion fees, payout to compensate for the time to reach a location for on-site payment, etc. Please note that you will not lose any of your money while performing payments testing on the Testlio platform.

Refund and reimbursement processes will be documented in the corresponding workspace details. In case you want to learn about the process before accepting the workspace invitation, please turn to the Testlio team. All possible refund options will be defined with the Client. The most common methods are:

  • Refund by the Client. You will need to share the transaction ID, account ID, and receipt.

  • Refund by Testlio with direct funds transfer. You will need to provide a receipt or account statement.

How much money will I need to have available while participating in payments testing?

- Generally, we advise you to have a separate budget which is available for testing. Funds can be transferred to linked accounts for Testing purposes.

In some cases, we will know in advance how much money it’s necessary to have available. We’ll communicate this to you accordingly before going into testing.

Keep in mind, some Test Runs will be using the production application and the payout will be determined in the Run acceptance. In such cases, select purchases of the lowest possible price while participating in the Run. Keeping the payments low will benefit the Client, Testlio, and you the Tester. Maximizing your purchasing power while staying within the Client’s budget benefits everyone.

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