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Will I be paid for taking the Functional Regression Testing Certification test (FRTC)?

FRTC is not a paid test. It is a vetting (entry) test that freelance candidates need to pass in order to secure a place in the Testlio Freelance Network and become eligible for paid workspaces.

What are the main reasons for failing the FRTC?

  • Not responding to the run invite and letting it expire - It's important to confirm your participation in the Run with a “Yes” or “No”. Invitations have a huge impact on how we operate at Testlio, this way we can evaluate the total needed testers for the Run.

    Ps. With this fail reason, you will receive second chance in about 4 months

  • Not showing up to the Simika Run - Once you've confirmed your participation with a "Yes" we expect you to follow through with it. Not showing up in a real customer workspace run affects both Testlio and its customers.

    Ps. With this fail reason, you will receive second chance in about 6 months

  • Not setting you availability on the platform according to your booked slot for the FRTC - It's not possible to send you a Run invitation if your availability isn't open for this particular time you selected to participate in the Simika Run. Invitations at Testlio are sent based on your availability & device list.

    Ps. With this fail reason, you will receive second chance in about 4 months

  • Not having the needed devices on your profile before the Simika Run -Unfortunately, it's not possible to send you a Run invitation without the needed device & OS combination. Invitations at Testlio are sent based on your availability & device list.

    Ps. With this fail reason, you will receive a second chance in about 4 months

  • Copy-pasting an existing issue report of another candidate - earning your FRTC entails knowing how to report issues independently, without copy-pasting someone else issue reports.

    Ps. With this fail reason, you will be disqualified from getting another chance with FRTC.

For all the above ☝️ fail reasons, you will be contacted accordingly when the time comes via email.

What is the scope and how to successfully earn the Functional Regression Testing Certification?

The scope of the Functional Regression Testing Certification is to follow the exact steps as described in the task. This is not an exploratory testing capability and you simply need to follow the test steps to test the described features on the Simika app. If you start exploring the app, it will take you longer time than the estimated time and it will be out of scope.

What skill level is expected in order to successfully earn the FRTC?

Please note that this certification requires good knowledge and skill in functional regression testing capability. If you don't find all the expected issues, you'll not be able to earn this capability-specific certification. We aim to give a real workspace experience with this certification test and missing issues in a real customer workspace is a serious problem that affects multiple stakeholders.

I'm getting Untrusted Enterprise Developer error on attempt to run Simika app on my iOS device. What should I do?

Downloading builds to your phone is an essential skill to be a Tester on the Testlio platform. During testing, you will have to download builds to your phone in the same way. As a tester, you are testing builds that are not publicly released yet.

Make sure to mark Testlio as a trusted developer in your mobile settings before running the app:
Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management
Click 'Testlio, Inc.‘ -> tap 'Trust Testlio Inc.‘ button -> tap 'Trust'

I was invited to test the app on a device that is no longer available.

Once you have been assigned to test on a specific device, it cannot be changed in the system, however, you can still test the Simika app on any of your mobile devices that are compatible with the app.

Once you have been assigned to test on a specific device, it cannot be changed in the system, however, you can still test the Simika app on any of your mobile devices that are compatible with the app. With that said, please keep in mind that in client workspaces the testers are required to test only on the assigned devices. For this reason, we recommend that you always keep your device list updated.

I updated the device OS version on the platform and now I’m getting a “Device missing” message when trying to start the test.

You should never upgrade your device OS or update the version in the platform once you have received and accepted the run invitation. For the Simika workspace, you can go to your profile and change the device OS version back to the version mentioned in the invite to proceed with testing. However, if it happens in a client workspace, you have to reach out to the testing team to confirm if you can continue testing with the upgraded OS version.

Which devices/OS are compatible with the Simika app?

At the moment, the Simika app is compatible with Android 8 or newer and iOS 13 or newer. Please note that we will only send invites to candidates who have one or more of these devices. Signees who do not have any of the above compatible devices will not be invited.

I installed the Simika app on my phone, but the application is not working correctly there or Simika app refuses to install. What should I do?

It is possible that due to unpredictable technical issues the application is not working on your device. If you encounter such problems, please try to use a different mobile device compatible with Simika app.

I've been invited to a run, what to do next?

Test run invitations are sent to the candidates 24 hours before the start time. If you have accepted the test run invitation, you just need to wait until the start time which you can check in the invitation email.

Once the run becomes active, you simply need to start the test and observe the flow to complete the task. You can go through this tour to check where you can start the run once it becomes available.

How do I start testing the Simika app?

Once the run starts on the day for which you booked a test slot, you will be able to see an option to start testing under the Test Runs section on the main page of the Simika School Management App workspace.

How/where can I download the Simika app?

Once the run starts, you will be able to download the app from the Build Setup page. You can follow these instructions to download and install the build.

In some cases, the app might not install properly due to your device's settings, memory, or others issues that are not under our control. In such situations, we suggest that you try to find a possible solution on the internet or install the app on any other compatible device you might have.

Do I have to complete the test run within 1,5 hours?

The test runs are available for 24 hours and you can complete the task at your own convenience during this window.

1,5-hours is the time estimated by the team to complete the test run. It's alright if it takes longer than 1,5 hours for you to complete this task 🙂

However, in paid workspaces, if it takes more than the assigned time for a tester to complete the task, they should inform the testing team about it so that the team can review the situation and approve more hours for the tester if needed.

Why is the Testlio platform misaligned on my phone?

Testlio platform is not fully optimized for the mobile view. Due to this reason, the candidates need to download the build and install the app on a smartphone (i.e. the device assigned in the invitation), and follow the Run’s test case steps and mark them accordingly (Pass/Fail/UTT) on a computer.

I installed the Simika app on my phone, but the buttons are misaligned, and I am unable to follow the test cases?

It is possible that the buttons are misaligned on your device due to your device's screen size and font. If you encounter such problems with the buttons, please try to use a different mobile device with preferably a bigger screen.

When and how will I receive my result?

It takes around 5 business days for our team to evaluate the submitted task and send out the result via email.

I have just received my result, can I get more information about where I made the mistakes?

It is not possible for us to provide additional information about the exact steps where the mistakes were made, however, we can assure you that we go through a standard evaluation procedure with each candidate, and our specialized team verifies all steps precisely.

I have got an invitation to a test run, but I cannot participate. What should I do?

The certification test run takes almost 1,5 hours to complete and it is available for 24 hours. You can take the test during this time window at your own convenience.

If it is not possible, you can decline the request and signup for the test again, however, please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for you to receive another invite depending on the queue.

I have forgotten the school/parent/teach account login credentials, can you retrieve them for me?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to retrieve the school login credentials. Due to this reason, it is also mentioned in the instruction to save the credentials as it is not possible to retrieve them at a later stage.

However, if you remember the credentials for any of the accounts (teacher/parent/school), you can log in with that account > Go to the Side Menu > Switch to the teacher/parent account without the log-in credentials.

I accepted the invitation but I cannot participate in the test anymore.

The only way to change your response once you have accepted it is by sending us an email to or by simply writing your request in the Simika Workspace chat.

I'm unable to access the FRTC preparation articles, I'm getting the "There's nothing to display here" message.

You need to be logged in to the Testlio Platform to access articles. Make sure that you are logged into the Platform on the same browser as the one you are using to access the articles.

If you're still having trouble accessing, try to clear the cache, log out/into the Testlio platform again, or try using a different browser.

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