Once you've installed and enabled the Testlio Connect for Jira Marketplace app, you are ready to start using it.

How to link a Testlio Platform test to your Jira ticket?

  1. Navigate to your Jira ticket (Task, Epic, Story, etc)
  2. Click on the Testlio icon beneath the Jira ticket title
  3. "Testlio for Jira - Link tests to issues" section will appear below the Description area
  4. You have now three options: 1) Start typing the test ID into the field, 2) Paste the test case link into the field, or 3) Click on "Create a new test"
  5. Click on "Link test"

Your Testlio Platform test and the Jira ticket are now linked.

  • If you've linked an existing test case to the Jira ticket, and it was already tested previously, you will be able to see the latest test runs results in form of green or red bullets.
  • Green bullets indicate that this test has passed. Red bullets indicate that this test has failed.

Additional benefits

In addition to providing real-time test case execution traceability or making sure the tests are up to date, Testlio for Jira also reduces your workload. How you might ask.

  • When an issue gets approved we automatically check whether the issue is linked to a test that has any Jira reference
  • If yes, then we check for any other issues related to that test and automatically link them for you (Note: One test can have up to 10 Jira references)
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