From Amazon Fire TV Stick: 

1. How to grab logs from Amazon Fire TV Sticks

a) First, connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick with a Micro-USB data cable straight to a USB port from your Desktop or Laptop instead of the USB power brick.

b) If you are getting a low power warning or the Fire TV Stick does not boot you will need a USB power injector cable similar to the one shown below. This will allow you to use the USB power supply while still connecting the data cable to your computer. In most cases, your computer will be able to provide enough power for the device to boot up.  

Amazon Example

c) Turn on ADB debugging and USB debugging in Settings > Device > Developer Options on your Fire TV Stick.

d) Now you can gather logs using your preferred method as you would do with an Android phone (Logcat, Android Studio, etc.)

From Android TV Boxes: 

1. How to grab logs from Android TV Boxes (Xiaomi Mi Box or similar)

a) Most Android TV Boxes have USB-A Ports (as in regular USB ports as you would
find on most laptops that have not fully switched to USB-C yet).

With a special USB-A to USB-A cable, we can use these ports to connect the Android TV box to our computers to gather logs. 

b) You will need a USB-A to USB-A cable (a cable with male USB plugs on both sides). Connect one end with your Computer and the other end with the Android TV box.

c) Next, you will need to enable Developer Mode and ADB / USB debugging on your Android TV box. These instructions differ slightly depending on which box you have but the general steps are as follows:

1. Navigate to Settings > About (or Similar)

2. Find the Build / Version Listing and click the OK button on your remote 7 times while the Build Number is in focus on the TV

3. A message should pop up stating “You are now a developer” 

4. Now you should find a Developer Options button on your Settings screen, the logo will look similar to this one

5. Enable USB debugging from the Developer Options menu

d) Now you will be able to gather logs using your preferred method as you would do with an Android phone (Logcat, Android Studio, etc.) 

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