Verifying Your Phone Number

Have you requested a phone number verification but not received the text message for it? This might be the result of different mishaps.

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You can add and verify your phone number on your Profile page.

Tips for troubleshooting if you're not receiving the verification SMS:

  • Double check and make sure you have entered the correct phone number.

  • Some phone operators block incoming text messages, try contacting your phone operator.

  • SMS apps often have Spam folders,

    • if possible, add our number (+14156882231) to known contacts or any allowlist your phone has

    • send a message to our number (+14156882231) so that your messaging app & carrier would know it’s a trusted number

  • The carrier may have an error, and the text message may not have been sent out successfully. Please feel free to contact our support ( if you have unsuccessfully tried to verify yourself five times in 24 hours or kindly send an SMS to the following number: +14156882231 for your carrier to accept Testlio as an SMS sender.

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