Capturing Logs

Why and how logs are captured

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Logs are a valuable resource that we provide to our clients to help their development team figure out exactly what the root cause for the issue you are reporting is. Without logs, many issues are difficult to solve as just knowing the behavior is not enough to know why it occurred.

Two types of logs can be presented to our clients, depending on their request and testing type. 

1. For apps, we capture and share device/system logs from the Android or iOS device being used.

2. For network and analytics testing we capture and report logs using a proxy. One very common tool for this is the Charles Proxy tool which outputs .chls files.

What You Need for Capturing Logs?

You need a smartphone (iOS or Android) and a personal computer (Mac or PC) to download the logs.

1. How To Capture Device/System Logs for Apps?

Below you can find full guides on how to capture logs depending on your combination of devices. 

2. How To Capture Charles Proxy Logs for Network and Analytics Testing?


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