What is Charles Proxy?

Some specific testing projects may require attaching Charles Proxy logs. Charles Proxy sits between your app and the Internet. All networking requests and responses will be passed through Charles Proxy, so you’ll be able to inspect and even change data midstream to test how your app responds.

Charles Proxy validation test

During this test, you need to provide Charles Proxy logs. We have created step-by-step guides for you. Following these guidelines will help you pass the test. 

During the real testing phase, you will have to use the same setup. Passing this test will prove that you are able to participate in projects that require Charles Proxy logs. 

What do you need? 

  1. A personal computer (Mac or Windows)

  2. A smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android)

Setting up Charles Proxy

Configuring Charles Proxy depends on the device you want to capture network logs for. Below are articles for the specific devices:

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