There are few options to get screen recordings for your Android, also depending on whether you use Windows or Mac. 

Option 1: is to use an app called Mobizen 

Option 2: is to use the Mobizen app without syncing it with PC. You will need to download the Mobizen app from the Play Store. How to download the Mobizen app from Play Store? - See the video here.

  1. To make the recorded video more clear for a viewer, it is a good practice to show tapping and swiping on the video.
  2. Go to Device Settings > System > About phone
  3. Tap 5 times on the Build number > Developer options becomes enabled
  4. Go back > Developer options > Input > Enable "Show touches"

How to enable "Show touches" on your phone? - See the video here

Option 3: You can also use other devices to record your Android screen.

Other options include an app called Rec  - you can check it out and see whichever works best for you. 

Things to keep in mind

In Testlio, a video screen recording attachment has to be less than 10 MB and in .mp4 format. That means you will need to convert and reduce the size of your video files before you attach them to your bug report.

In case you will need help resizing and converting video files, use Tips from the Community article

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