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Downloading & Installing iOS Builds with Mac
Downloading & Installing iOS Builds with Mac
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Downloading builds to your phone is an essential skill to be a tester on the Testlio platform. Below we will show you how to download .ipa files to your iOS device using a Mac. As a tester, you are testing builds that are not publicly released yet.
โ€‹You can install .ipa files on your iOS and iPadOS devices using the following steps:

1. From your mac device, open this link.

2. Download and open the Apple Configurator app, and the following screen will appear:

4. Connect your iOS device to the mac via USB, and a pop-up notification will appear. Tap on the trust button.

5. Your iOS device should now appear in the Apple Configurator.

6. Drag and drop the .ipa file directly into the Apple Configurator window and wait for the installation to be completed.

7. Once the above has been completed, the app should appear on your home screen.


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