Downloading & Installing iOS Builds

Downloading .ipa builds from Testlio platform on your iPhone

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Downloading builds to your phone is an essential skill to be a tester on the Testlio platform. Below we will show you how to download .ipa builds to your iOS device. During testing, you will have to download builds to your phone in the same way. As a tester, you are testing builds that are not publicly released yet.

The following guideline is a requirement for our freelancers. Failure to follow the guideline might represent a breach of the Freelancer Services Agreement.

Builds (including access links and metadata) are confidential information and you must not disclose them to any third party.

Downloading the IPA build to your iOS device

The IPA build can only be downloaded once your Test Run has started on the scheduled start time. Once the Run starts:

  1. open the Testlio Platform directly on the browser of your iOS device.

  2. open the workspace homepage and start the Test Run.

  3. observe the flow to reach the Build Setup page.

  4. download the build directly on your iPhone.

  5. Make sure to mark the app you are testing as a trusted developer in the settings (shown in the video below) before opening the app.

    1. For newer iOS versions (iOS 16.0 and further) iPhone prompts a developer mode warning. In this case you need to Go to settings -> Privacy & security -> Developer Mode -> Turn on.

    2. In case you don't have that Developer mode option:

      Step 1: Connect your iPhone and Mac with a data cable.

      Step 2: Open Xcode, find Devices and Simulators in Window and click, and select your iPhone in the pop-up page.

      Step 3: Go to Settings on your iPhone device > select Privacy & Security > Turn on the Developer Mode switch > Turn on Developer Mode after restarting your iPhone device.

  6. Testlio Platform is not fully optimized for mobile view and once the IPA has been downloaded, you will need to return to the desktop to execute the Run.

Installing the downloaded IPA on your iOS device


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