You are testing an app which has location dependent features or requires you to simulate moving / driving? As there have been several questions regarding spoofing your device location for test purposes, we decided to gather some tricks and tips from our community how to set up location spoofing for your Android and iOS test devices.


For Android devices it’s easy:

  • Download some location / route spoofing app to your Android device, i.e. Lockito
  • Depending on your test needs, set some specific location or create your own driving route and start spoofing.


Compared to Android, location spoofing for iOS devices is a bit more complex. To spoof your location on your device you need a Mac or Windows PC with additional software.

Spoofing location on iOS using Windows or Mac & 3uTools, iSpoofer or iTools

  • An all-in one Windows app called 3uTools has a location spoofing gadget called Virtual Location in its toolbox, you can download it from here.

    Watch a short video on how to spoof you location with 3uTools: 
  • One option to spoof your location is with iSpoofer, which you can download from here.
    You can read how to use iSpoofer from here.

    Note: iSpoofer has only a 3-day free trial.
  • If you have iTools installed on your Mac or Windows PC, then iTools has an awesome gadget called Virtual Location in its toolbox. The main idea is the same as with most of the location spoofing apps on Android. You can set some specific location, you can create a walking / driving route or you can import your own custom GPX files for specific locations / routes.

Spoofing location on iOS using Mac & Xcode

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