Capturing iOS Logs with macOS

Getting issue and crash logs using Mac Console application or xCode

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An easy option is to use your own Mac "Console" application

Logs from iPhone

  1. Connect your phone to the computer via USB.

  2. Launch 'Console'

  3. From the 'Devices' section, choose your phone and see the logs appear.

  4. Before reproducing your issue "clear display" and after reproducing make sure to copy-paste the log into a .txt file.

NB! When you are ready to save the file, always do so in .txt format. 

Another option is to use Xcode, check out the tutorial below 

  1. Window - > Devices & Simulators - > Select your device from left side list

  2. Open Console

  3. Start the console streaming > Replicate the bug > Pause the stream

  4. Copy the content of the console (Cmd+C) > open the text editor > paste it (Cmd+P) > Save it

  5. Optional for clearer logs: filter by the process name


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