How to Show Screen Taps in Screen Recordings?

Testers are required to show where they are tapping in the video recordings for the issue reports. This makes it easier for a viewer to understand the steps a tester followed to reproduce an issue. Due to this reason, the first step to recording a screen is to enable Screen Taps in Screen Recordings. You can use the following instructions to enable this option on your iPhone:

Different Screen Recording Options for iOS Devices

Option 1: Use built-in screen recording on iOS 11 and above 

Option 2: Use QuickTime if you use iPhone and Mac 

Option 3: You can also use other devices to record your iPhone screen. 

Important Information

  • Do not use screen mirroring for your recordings as it gives an impression that real devices were not used while testing.

  • In Testlio, a video screen recording attachment has to be less than 10 MB and in .mp4 format and with a minimum resolution of 720p.

    • If your video is oversize, convert and reduce the size before you attach them to your issue report.

    • You can use the tips in this article to resize and convert video files.

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