NB! Please note that this guide is suitable only for TV OS 10!  Use the button above to navigate to the updated version for TV OS 11. 


  • Mac Computer v10.12.2

  • Apple Configurator 2 v2.4 (available in the App Store)

  • Apple TV 4th Gen (tvOS) v10.2 (Must be past the initial Setup steps - I.e. Language selection, iTunes sign-in, etc)

  • USB-C cable

Step 1 - Supervise Device

1. Connect the Apple TV device to the Mac via the USB-C cable
2. Connect the Apple TV to the power supply
3. Launch Apple Configurator 2
4. Under “All Devices” click the Apple TV device
5. From the menu select > Action > Prepare…

6. Select “Do not enroll in MDM”

7. Check the boxes “Supervise devices” and “Allow devices to pair with other computers”

8. Enter your information on the Create an Organization

9. It is advised you leave all Setup steps active > click Prepare

10. Your Apple TV device should now be set to Supervision mode!

Step 2 - Profile Creation

1. Open Apple Configurator and navigate to File -> New Profile.

2. Give your profile a name and a unique identifier. Typically you’ll be setting it up to go through the same PC you’re using, so indicating this is encouraged (e.g. Charles-JoeLaptop).

3. Select Global HTTP Proxy* on the left and click configure.

4. Input your IP address of the machine running Charles and 8888 (default) for the port.*

5. Open Charles and navigate to Help -> _SSL Proxying -> Save Charles Root Certificate.

  • This will save a *.pem file containing the certificate you need. You need the certificate in a different format to add to your profile.

  • On Mac open the Keychain Access menu (Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access)

  • Right-click the Charles Proxy certificate > Export > File Format: Certificate (.cer)

6. Back in Configurator, select Certificates on the left and click Configure.

7. This brings up a dialog, select the recently created relevant certificate and click Open.

8. It may say, “This root certificate is not trusted.” This just reflects the status of the user you’re using on the Mac.

9. Save and close the Profile.

Step 3 - Profile Installation

1. Connect the Apple TV device to the Mac via the USB-C cable

2. Connect the Apple TV to the power supply

3. Open up Apple Configurator 2.

4. The Apple TV should show up under All Devices.

5. Select the device and click on the Add button at the top of the window.

6. Select Profiles and find the profile you recently created, then click Add Profiles.

7. After the Profile installs, analytics calls will display in Charles Proxy from your Apple TV. 

Both the device and the Mac running Charles must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (the same specified during Profile Creation)

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