This is a tutorial on how to get the log files on Android:

  1. Install Android SDK (
  2. Install Java 
  3. Set adb in windows path file (
  4. In Android SDK you can find Monitor.bat tool (example: “D:\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140702\sdk\tools”
  5. Start Monitor.bat (if it complains it cannot find Java a restart of computer helps)
  6. Device has to be set with USB debugging enabled (Device Settings > System > About phone > Tap 5 times on the Build number > Developer options becomes enabled > Go back > Open Developer options > Turn ON USB debugging)
  7. Now you can use monitor.bat to get the log files, make screenshots, see device memory usage and a lot more features
  8. For a best crash log select “error” instead of “verbose”

  9. Try to localize the crash, for example on this crash the relevant log starts here:10-25 19:35:10.719: E/AndroidRuntime(11853): FATAL EXCEPTION: mainand ends here:10-25 19:35:10.719: E/AndroidRuntime(11853): at android.view.ViewRootImpl$

Read about viewing logs with LogCat.

You can also read on Android StackExchange about how to get log files of crashes and bugs in your Android Device

NB! When you are ready to save the file, always do so in .txt format. 

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