This feature provides a comprehensive view of the value delivered by Testlio by aggregating data from integrated workspaces. With this iteration, we are making basic Engagement metrics accessible to all platform users, but with a special focus on providing valuable insights to our customer users.

How it works

The Engagement perspective can be found in the Reports module and is available for all users with permission to access a specific workspace. The report is divided into 7 key metrics: Issues, Issues per hour, Runs, Tests, Devices, Testers, and Locations. Each metric can be further broken down by workspace, making it easy to understand the impact of each workspace on the overall results. A detailed description of each metric and how it is calculated can be found in the Engagement report metrics glossary.

In this first iteration, we offer up to 12 months of data with the option to choose any time frame with monthly and quarterly granularity. The page has been designed for a user-friendly experience, with the option to easily share and circulate the report among platform users via a shareable URL that includes the basic data and granularity configuration, or a PDF “pretty print” to share outside the platform.

Feature availability

This feature is currently being rolled out for all users and workspaces. Additional filters will be added in the coming weeks to further improve the report's flexibility.

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