How integration is helping me speed up the testing process?

Integration between Testlio projects and your issue tracker allows you to have live synchronization for the new bugs captured by the testers all over the world within the test cycles. Moreover, it gives you the total control of the next action to perform whether you re-submit the issue to testers for verification or ignore and close the issue without having duplicates of such occurrence.  

What are the features available for each integration? 

Every integration allows you to:

  • Choose the project you want to sync issues to.
  • Map issues' states of the issue through its lifecycle in Testlio and your tracker.
  • Map issues' severity between the two end platforms.
  • Allow mindmap features to be mapped out to your project different components (dependant on your tracker type).

What are the different trackers that can be integrated into Testlio? 

Testlio is always improving and developing more integrations to work with different trackers in the market. Currently, we support the following trackers:

  • Jira.
  • Visual Studio Online (VSO).
  • Asana.
  • Github.
  • Trello.
  • Pivotaltracker.

Is the syncing process interactive between the issue tracker and Testlio?

Yes. Once the issue is created in Testlio and synced to your Tracker, all the related updates on the issue from statuses, comments, and attachments will be synced from both ends to facilitate the communications end-to-end.

Can I use my personal account in my issue tracker for integration?

You can use your personal account to set-up your integration. However, the best practice is to create a separate account for integration to mark and identify the issues created by our Testlio testers team imported to your tracker.

Are all the bugs reported by testers get synced to my tracker?

 Only the ones that the test leads approve by your process standards provided to test leads and Quality Managers assigned to your project. 


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