Adding Fire TVs
A quick guide on how to add your Fire TV to your device list
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You can access and edit your device list here.

  1. Manufacturer: Amazon

  2. Category: pre-selected as 'Connected devices'

  3. Model: 

  • Model  info can be found when you open your Fire TV Settings > My Fire TV > About > 'Device Model'

  • Check Model (listed right under About on About screen, example: Fire TV Stick 4K)

    4. Model Release Date:

  • Check this page to decode your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick serial number.

    5. Operating System: Fire OS

  • All Fire TV devices run on Fire OS (which is a heavily modified Android OS)

    6. OS version: OS Version info can be found when you open
Settings > My Fire TV > About > “Device Model”

  • Check Software Version (listed to the right on the About screen, example: Fire OS

    7. OS Release Date:

  • Check this page for your Fire OS version release date.

This is an example how the final device adding screen would look like:

Please note: Your Fire TV will generally update to the newest OS version automatically in regular intervals, please verify the current OS version before every Run.

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