As a company, Testlio is focused on delivering world-class testing service and thus it heavily relies on its network of expert testers to help it reach its goals.

Our Testlions are our foundation – and to keep a good and strong foundation, we expect our network to meet certain criteria:

Professionalism – We expect our Testlions to be professional in their work. It means high standard issue reports are well written, supported with attachments, and follow testing scope and guidelines set prior to Test Runs. Check out the KISS method for creating high-quality bug reports and specific standard requirements in this section.

Exploration – We expect our Testlions to be explorers and adventurers. To go beyond what is seen or thought, yet in the scope of being relevant and important to our customers.

Testlion Mentality – We look for testers with personalities that would help each other thrive within our network. A Testlion is a friendly, helping and engaged individual, who is always eager to learn and grow and help people around him/her to do the same. A Testlion is capable to work individually, yet values collaboration and teamwork to achieve even higher results. A Testlion is a Testing lion – Fluffy and cute from the outside, predator at heart (e.g. our testers find issues mercilessly).

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