What are the mandatory fields and their types needed when creating an issue in Jira?

Every project in Jira can be associated with an Issue type scheme that can be created from scratch or edited so that the user can decide to whether its required or optional field. However, the default issue type scheme for projects created in Jira with no customization is as following:

Jira mandatory fields:

* Project ID

  • Information about the project IDs and issue types can be retrieved using http://%AccountLink%/rest/api/2/issue/createmeta API Get request.

* Issue type

  • Valid issue type ID is the mandatory element.
  • By default issue type created by Testlio is “Bug” can be retrieved for each project by the same API request.
  • Bug issue type ID normally is “10004”.

* Reporter (user creating the issue)

  • Provided through the authentication itself (Basic authentications mainly)

* Summary (Issue Title)

  • Issue title or name provided in the text.

What are the fields for issue creations (mandatory and others) in Testlio and how are they mapped to Jira?

How to test the integration for your Jira project to Testlio?

Testlio syncs issues in batches with service invoked every five minutes with a check after each successful issue sync it provides issue link from Testlio platform to Jira Project, an example of the link can be seen as following:

What are the common mistakes made in the Jira integration procedure and how to mitigate them?

  • Make any changes in issue configuration in Jira without mapping them to the matching configuration in Testlio platform's integration configuration such as:

Change the issue type scheme for the project by adding new required or customized field in Jira project. Customised fields should be added to Testlio Integration configuration. Currently, there is only one customized field allowed by Testlio Integration.

  • Failing to Map Jira issues' status to the right Testlio issue status mapper:

The four Workflow items required by Testlio's issue status should have the ability to transit from one to another without any blockage workflow items in between.

  • Change Testlio integration account password in the Jira platform without updating the password in Testlio configuration.
  • Make sure that the Jira account used by Testlio to sync testing issues has sufficient permissions to access/create/edit/update issues in your Jira platform.
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