How To Integrate your Jira Project with Testlio?

  • Create a user in Jira that can be used by Testlio to sync testing issues:
  1. Use "Testlio" as a username.
  2. Use "" as email address.
  3. Add the user to the "jira-software-users" group.
  4. Password will be set by Testlio when the account is created and sent confidentially to the user.
  • Now In Testlio Integration Tab, you can choose the project you want to integrate that is allowed by this user after entering:
  1. Your Jira endpoint address.
  2. Username(email) and password created earlier.
  3. Note that after establishing the integration and choosing the project, the project will be locked and it's not allowed to be modified in the future for this current integration.
  4. You must have admin privileges for the new Testlio project in order to create or edit a new integration.
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