We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to work with you. Since this is your first project invite, we want to make sure things run smoothly for you and you have all the information you need.

Whitelisting emails from Testlio

Did you sign up but didn't get any emails from us? It’s probably because they are in the junk folder. To avoid this in the future, we have a guide for you on how to whitelist emails from Testlio.

How we pay our testers?

Keep in mind that we at Testlio pay our testers by the hour (not by the bug). This produces the best tester experience and the best results for our clients. Payments are done weekly via PayPal or Payoneer.

Please note that if you see an amount of $0 for your approved tasks, this does not mean that you will not be paid! The amount will be adjusted latest by Thursday evening (timezone: CET) with the correct sum.

What to keep in mind when you get a project/cycle invitation?

As you might have noticed, after receiving a project invitation, you also got an invitation to a testing cycle. If you still haven’t gotten it, don’t worry, you will receive it shortly. 

On the test cycle invitation, you can see the expected testing duration for this particular cycle, as well as the amount of time you have been assigned for your task. This is a crucial point for new testers since it is expected that all testers complete the amount of testing they were assigned before the end time for the cycle. Not doing so can impact your rating score negatively. Please, always use the full time that we have allocated  to you. 

If, for some reason, you finish testing earlier, we suggest you go through your results once again. Always inform the Test Lead if the assigned testing time for a particular testing cycle was longer than needed or on the contrary you needed more time than assigned. Test Leads are always included in the cycles and their profile picture is marked with a blue icon.


We'd like you to test for:

2.5 hours

You will also see what kind of devices we expect you to use while testing in this particular test cycle, based on the listed devices under your profile.


We expect you to test with:

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2017 13" macOS Mojave 10.14.6 using browsers: Safari

Last but not least, you will also see when the test cycle is active at your listed timezone, which means that you can evaluate whether you can participate in this test cycle or not.


The cycle is active:

from Thu, 15 Aug @ 14:00 to Fri, 16 Aug @ 12:00 (Europe/Tallinn).

These invitations have a huge impact on how we operate at Testlio, this is why we would like to kindly ask you to confirm your participation in the test cycle with a “Yes” or “No”. This way we can evaluate the total needed testers for the project. If you say “No”, don’t worry, we respect your free time and this will not negatively impact your tester’s score.

If you have confirmed your participation with “Yes” but for some reason cannot take part in the testing cycle, please make sure to let the Test Lead know. This way we can find a replacement and make sure the testing cycle will proceed without issues. Please note that this may negatively impact your tester’s score. Test Lead of any particular testing cycle is marked with blue icon on their profile picture under test cycle information section. 

Before you start testing

The reason why we have pointed out the following Help Center articles is that we want you to succeed. Please read them carefully.

Testing depends a lot on time management. This is why we recommend you read our QA team's tips about time management here.

After you have confirmed that you can participate in the test cycle, you will get access to the project in which the test cycle is taking place. You will have all the instructions and guidelines about the scope and objective of the testing cycle. We strongly suggest you read and familiarize yourself with the checklist we put together with examples of an actual test cycle here.

We also recommend you to have a look at our FAQ section that includes the most commonly asked questions by our testers.

If you are already wondering, what you should do when you find a bug or how to fill in the task list that is given to you, don’t worry! You can read all about that here.

As already mentioned in the ”How to report bugs” article, issue reproducing might be needed.

We have created a section in our Help Center, “Issue Reproduction Guides”, where you can learn everything you need to know about reproducing the issues on the Testlio platform. Make sure you have read and are familiar with them all before you start testing in your first test cycle.

Ps. If you have a rooted device, make sure you let the Test Lead know before going into testing. Otherwise, there may be a situation where you are unable to test a specific app with a rooted device and this will affect the results for both you and the customer.

When you start testing

Click here to see a step-by-step guide on what to do when you start testing on our platform.


From time to time, we might ask for your feedback after the completion of a test cycle. We love to hear your honest and candid comments whenever we might ask for it. Just give as accurate feedback as you can, no need to worry about “wrong” answers since there’s no such thing.

Additional tips to succeed in your first project

Communication is the key to successful project collaboration. Please use the project chat where you can ask questions if you need help. Also, we kindly remind you that helping others on the chat would be super sweet of you as well. Team is everything! :)

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