After completing your profile, the Competency Assessment Test (CAT) is the first mandatory step that you need to take to be included in your first paid workspace. The CAT test is constructed to assess your basic testing skills and evaluates your eligibility to become a tester with Testlio. The test is divided into two main parts:

1. Bug (issue) reporting 101 - This part will teach you what to keep in mind when reporting an issue on the Testlio platform. You will be given an example of a good issue report. This is followed by a practical task where you have to assemble an issue report.

If you want to make sure you are well prepared for this part of the test before taking it, we suggest you dig into this article.

2. Downloading a build 101 - As a tester, you will test builds that haven't been publicly released yet. Your goal is to find issues that may cause problems to the app users before the build is publicly available. We refer to a build as an app file that hasn't been uploaded to the App Store or Google Play. This part will teach how to download a build on your iOS or Android phone. You will be given all the instructions both in written and in video tutorial as well

In order to pass the CAT test, you have to get 100% of the answers right. Therefore, we ask you to carefully read all the materials provided. We want you to succeed!

You can access the Competency Assessment Test on your dashboard.

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