4. Collecting Logs

a) Clear the current session in Charles by clicking on the Broom Icon

b) if not currently active - Start Recording - by activating the Record icon

If the icon is red, recording is active and calls will be captured. You now know how to record Charles logs. 🙌


How to complete the Charles Proxy Test?

Open the provided URL in Native mobile web browser

Your task

  1. Start Charles logs session

  2. Open a mobile browser on your Android or iOS smartphone

  3. Navigate to pages.testlio.com/charles

  4. Wait for the redirect

  5. Stop the session

  6. Export session as .har file format (HTTP Archive)

Once you open the listed URL, you will see a redirection page and will end up on Testlio homepage. This means you can stop the recording. 

Stop recording Select File > Export Session and select Format: HTTP Archive (.har)

Upload the .har file to https://platform.testlio.com/sir-charles

That's it! You've done it! 🎉

Please note! During actual testing, logs will be saved as Charles files. For setup confirmation, we use .har file type. 

Helpful tips

  • Clear previous logs before you start testing new functionality.

  • To install or remove certs in the iOS system, follow iGeeksBlog tutorial.

  • When all else fails, a restart of both PC and mobile device may solve issues, but make sure to Disable the Windows Proxy / MacOS proxy / Mozilla Firefox Proxy again.

  • You should periodically update your certificates as they do expire.

  • Some routers re-assign local IP addresses, so you should verify the IPv4 has not changed.

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